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Solve Problems with Us

We want to work on challenging problems, find consistent and reliable ways to solve those problems and codify as much as we can so in the future similar problems are easy and we can focus on the next upcoming challenge.

Our software can be transformative for manufacturers we work with. It is exciting when we get to provide both them, and the designers that sell their products, simple and easy to use solutions for their hardest problems. Or, in some cases provide them with automated software solutions where there was only manual error prone data entry before.

We expect all members of our teams to engage in active discussion on how we can improve both what we do and how we do it. If you are driven to solve problems in a collaborative way, you might be exactly what we need!

Working Here

At PlatinumEdge we want our employees to use their strengths to greatest effect.

Our programmers spend over 80% of their time programming, managing the code and giving feedback to their fellow developers through our merge review process. Every line of code is intentionally crafted, reviewed, tested, and merged carefully to ensure quality of both initial creation and ongoing maintenance is at the forefront. Most of our remaining time is spent on Agile planning, we have estimates and discussions for every project to ensure clarity of understanding and the capability for experienced developers to share their battle scar wisdom to lend foresight to our complicated problem domains.

Our Quality Assurance team works directly with our clients to gather and analyze requirements and create tickets that are clear for developers and easy to test. QA is not adversarial with our devs but instead work together as a team to provide the best product possible. They are an integral part of the team working closely with developers to ensure they create what the client wants with great quality. Each ticket is tested for new functionality and tested against regressions. QA is also in charge of the process for creating and sending test builds to our clients and releasing these builds.

Project Management plays an active role in every project. They are tasked with coordinating the chaos of customer demands and requirements. They work with the customer, developers and QA to ensure the work is prioritized correctly and clearly so that devs and QA know what to work on and when, and the customer knows when they can expect each piece of work and how much it will cost.

Processes: the word, to many, implies corporate speak, hierarchy and tedium. We believe that a process frees the individual. A well-crafted process should incorporate the experience of all peers to prevent mistakes before they happen. We define our processes to reduce pain, and we modify and improve them as we gain further experiences. This means we believe we currently have great ways to work, but we believe that next year we will have even better ways. Our processes allow us to create repeatable success and train new hires quickly.

Small Company – Big benefits

As a company, we have a set of Core Values that define us.  We value being Caring, Purposeful, Transparent and Agile. We believe these values should influence all aspects of the company. They are used as a lens during our interviews, how we train, our day-to-day processes and our communication routines. They form the foundation necessary to have a company that is great to work for.

Our benefits include a generous 4 weeks of discretionary PTO with additional company wide PTO the weeks of 4th of July and Christmas. A 401k with matching, Quarterly profit sharing, charitable donations to employee chosen causes, Health Insurance including Dental and Vision, dog friendly office, and flexible work hours.

Working remotely has been a huge shift over the last few years. While it may offer its share of conveniences, many of us were genuinely excited to return to the office when it was safe to do so. Every employee has an adjustable height desk, a fully customizable ergonomic chair and an ultra wide monitor on adjustable arms. We go above and beyond to make the office comfortable, collaborative, welcoming, and productive. We believe the whole team performs better when they see each other and trust each other, and being present in the office and collaborating in person naturally builds these.

However, we understand that being present in the office doesn’t work all the time.  So when life demands flexibility we have a limited work from home policy that aims to be fair to both the employee and the company.

We want you to be yourself, focus on what you excel at, and feel not only accepted but welcome!


Wyoming, MI

Job Openings

If you’re interested in any of these positions, send us your resume and a brief description of yourself and why you think you would be a great fit here to!

These are not remote positions. We have a very niche programming language that requires our employees to be in person at the business location. Thank you!

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