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Software Developer Job Opening

Who are we?

We are PlatinumEdge Solutions, and we are a software development company that is excited to be able to add a new programmer to our ranks!

We develop extensions for CET Designer which is a space planning and configuration software. We are an independent partner with Configura, the Swedish software company that owns CET Designer, and manufacturers of products that require a space planning software. We are currently working with several global furniture manufacturers located in both the United States and Canada.

Our company is located in Cutlerville south of downtown Grand Rapids which makes most commutes simple by being only a short distance from either US 131 or M-6.

We have a relaxed work environment. We want our employees to find their most effective way of working productively. You will probably come in and find us whiteboarding a new problem with Thorin, Ember, Zelda or Merlin our office dogs trying to steal attention. We take our work seriously, but we also take not working seriously and enforce a healthy work life balance.

We give the option to work from home if preferred due to COVID-19 after a training period. We require that everyone wear a mask while not at their desk. We observe all orders from the government and have our employees work from home if mandated. But we do prefer that employees work at the office as much as possible, based on their own comfort level.

Why are we looking to hire?

Our company is expanding due to demand from manufacturers seeking to replace outdated specification tools with a customized software that can visualize and specify their products in a way that reduces complexity and specification errors.

We have a steady pipeline of work but need additional capacity to increase external throughput and move long term initiatives forward.

What are we offering?

The chance to write software affecting the day to day of people that you will likely meet.

Interesting, new problems to solve.

An office located in an easy to reach location with walls covered in white boards.

High-powered laptop with an ultrawide monitor for more code real estate.

Fellow nerds to work with.

No corporate bureaucracy.

A company that sees programmers as its best asset, not as a liability.

Flexible schedule, generous paid time off, 40-hour maximum work week.

An opportunity to help shape and build a new software company.

Premium Coffee.

An onsite gym with showers.

Who are you?

You are a hard worker no matter what job you are doing. You believe quality is something you can create through force of will, not something magical that just happens.

You like to roleplay the needs of other people to help you understand their viewpoint.

You have many opinions but have an open mind to enable incoming information to set a new course.

You are a versatile, gritty, never say never programmer that loves a good challenge.

You do your best work as an individual but know when to get input from others to ensure great results.

Expertise, Talents and Feats

CET development experience in the CM language.

Programmer, Software Engineer/Developer, Code Guru, that is well versed in Object Oriented concepts.

Bachelors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience.

Excited about making software that helps others.

Extra Credit

Manufacturing experience.

Customer service experience.

Project Management experience.

CAD or 3D modeling experience.

Are an actual wizard.

If you feel you would be a great fit to our culture please send your resume to the email below!

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